Hosted Phones

Technology today is changing and traditional analog lines are on their way out. Businesses will have to compensate by utilizing one of the many cloud options available today. Midwest Communications Inc is jumping ahead of this curve and providing you with all of today's options.

SIP trunks and Hosted PBX's are the future.

SIP Trunks: Today's incoming lines to your office building can easily replace most existing analog lines, while opening up feature options as well as saving you on your monthly overhead expense from your local carrier. We at Midwest have the ability to offer both Peer and registered SIP trunks to best suit your telephone needs.

Hosted PBX: Like SIP trunks this option can open your business to a whole new world of possibilities. This is a monthly service charge that would replace your existing phone bill. Everything is hosted off site so there is no need to worry about managing and servicing a PBX telephone system in house. 

Call today for pricing or detailed information about the options available to your organization and see what these cloud options can do to make your life easier and increase business flow.
Midwest Communications has been locally owned and operated in Denver Colorado for 30 years, and specializes in Samsung and Grandstream business telephone systems, hosted telephone systems and structured voice and data cabling.